Who’s who? Meet some of the MMC team…

We would love to introduce some of our coworkers to you!


Dr. Roger and Rita Holland – veteran missionaries! Dr. Roger is a family medicine specialist, with a background in medical and residency education. He is also with Samaritan’s Purse/World Medical Mission, and is Laura’s mentor. Since 2016, they have been at MMC, where Dr. Roger serves as the MMC Dean, and Rita teaches English and ethics. On the side, Rita makes a mean high-altitude chocolate cake!


Dr. “Professor” Song Jung Kim – a Korean American pastor and cardiovascular physiologist. He serves as the Vice Dean of Academics, and may have the brightest smile on the campus. In his spare time, Professor teaches Bible to anyone who asks: South Sudanese pastors and evangelists, Korean professionals living in Addis, and Ethiopian pastors and young professionals. A few of his other skills include making amazing beignets and playing tackle-basketball.

Mr. Moon – the longest standing missionary on the compound. Mr. Moon came from Korea before MCM Hospital was built in 2004, and he now works as the Vice Dean of Administration at MMC. He serves and leads with humility… and a surprising 3-point shot.

Mahlet Yohannes – a new addition to our team, Mahlet is from rural Ethiopia, and came to us after completing a degree in Christian counseling in Korea. She is working as the chaplain assistant at MMC, but has been a dear friend and eager coworker, from everything from community service to being a standardized patient for student OSCEs!


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