About Us

Thank you for your support (and patience) as we work to bring you more information about what God is doing through us and in us in Ethiopia, the land of 13 months of sunshine!

We have gathered some questions you may (or may not) be asking about us and our ministry.

Who are the Johnsons in Ethiopia? The simple answer is that we are two broken sinners saved by God’s love who have been called to serve in one of the most amazing places on earth! Not enough information? Find out more about Larry and Laura here.

What are you doing in Ethiopia? We are working the only Christian medical college in Africa. Not just Ethiopia. The whole continent! Click to see what MMC is all about!

How did you get to Ethiopia? A good place to start is where we started, the Global Missions Health Conference. It happens every year. And every year, amazing things happen. Check it out!

Surely you didn’t go there by yourselves! You are right! (and don’t call me “Shirley”) There are lots of medical professionals who are looking for places to serve and opportunities to share their talents. World Medical Missions specializes in matching those people with locations around the world. Learn more about WMM.

Were you involved in a church back in the states? We still are! Grace Church, based in Greenville, SC, is our home church. We want to let you know about this thriving community of Christ-centered, community-focused believers who are willing to dig into Scripture no matter how messy it may get. Learn more about Grace Church SC.

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