Putting it out there (Larry’s Thoughts)

This is NOT a serious post.

If you have known me for any length of time, you know that I talk a lot. A LOT. I have always been comfortable behind a microphone. Do you like podcasts? I do.

And, well…


I might start a podcast. Seriously. Oh wait, no, this is still not a serious post. But I am seriously considering it. I have a lot of things I want to share about theology, Ethiopian culture, life in general, and more.

So here we go. I do not yet have the tech to make a pro podcast, but I have enough to do a rough draft. And that’s what I’ve done. Below is a rough trial. Please listen to it if you dare! But first a few disclaimers and apologies:

  • There are no actual sponsors though I clearly say “sponsored by…”
  • This podcast is an unscripted ramble. I did not edit any of the dialogue. What you hear is what I said as I said it.
  • The whole process, from opening the software to this post, was about an hour’s worth of work. It was just recorded via my computer microphone.
  • The music is “The Name of Jesus Christ” by Grace Church from the EP Songs From Scripture. You can download the full track on Grace’s Worship page.

I humbly welcome your feedback! Leave a comment below or email me at teachingfeller@gmail.com.

Ok, no more delays. No more excuses. If you are ready for about 13 minutes of amateur podcasting, here you go:

Larry’s First Ethiopia Ramble Podcast

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