Global Missions Health Conference

So, how exactly did you find out about MMC? The Global Missions Health Conference (GMHC) is the best way to get connected to the world of medical missions. To be clear: you do NOT have to be a medical professional to attend and be blessed by this conference. Every November, Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY, hosts the GMHC. There are many breakout sessions to choose from, worship/plenary sessions, and exhibit halls. Nearly 200 agencies, mission organizations, hospitals, med schools, and suppliers set up booths in the exhibit halls.

November 2015. We were walking in one of the exhibit halls and saw a booth for Myungsung Medical College. We were not interested in serving in Asia and almost skipped it entirely. Then Laura looked again and saw Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as the location. “That’s in Ethiopia! We know we like the food already, so it would not be hard to live there in that case.” And thus began our conversation with Chisoo and Yoonyie Choi. Just under three years later, we moved into our apartment on the compound of MCM/MMC. Just as an aside, our apartment was previously occupied by the Chois.

So, GMHC. It is worth the trip. You do not have to go with any plans of committing to serving overseas or even domestically. Just go and see what God has in store for you.

Oh, and if you do go this year, you might want to find the MCM/MMC booth. You might just find some familiar faces there! **hint-hint, nudge-nudge**

For more information on the 2019 Global Missions Health Conference, click here.


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